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[Giveaway] ESET Smart Security 7 - 30 license key

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Smart Security is ESET’s all-in-one protection suite for home users. A new beta (for version 7) has been launched at the beginning of the week, which brings to the table a hefty set of minor improvements.

The installation process has not changed much, but the number of steps has been shortened because the screen with selecting the installation mode (typical or custom) is no longer available.

As a result, the only steps remaining are just the necessary ones, for enabling the connection to Live Grid and the detection of potentially unwanted applications.

Just like in the case of the Antivirus, we had to wait a while before making the aforementioned settings and the actual installation to begin, for routine checks like computing the disk space available.

Immediately after installation you have to define the security preset for the currently connected network (public, home, or work), as well as activate the Anti-Theft feature, which consists of providing the name for a new, fake user account. This is particularly useful for mobile computers, as it enables you to track down the device in case it gets stolen.

Once the computer is marked as stolen in the online console ( – an ESET account is needed to access it), the device is automatically rebooted and all user accounts are locked; the thief will be able to access the fake account instead, with no access to data on the machine.

Furthermore, when the unit connects to the Internet, the tracking routine is deployed. The actions consist of sending details about the computer activity (screenshots from the desktop), activating the built-in webcam, and taking pics of whoever is staring at the display, as well as approximating the physical location based on data picked from the Wi-Fi networks around.

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ESET’s security products are well known for their low impact on system resources. In partnership with the developer, we’re offering 30 licenses for the Smart Security suite, in exchange for your opinion on the fresh beta release.

What's New in ESET Smart Security 7?

Vulnerability Shield - Stay protected from threats or attacks trying to exploit network vulnerabilities
Improved Cleaning - Eliminate extremely persistent malware and rootkits
Advanced Memory Scanner - Stop heavily-encrypted threats that evade detection

Keep Your Private Data Safe from Identity Theft

Stop hackers from misusing your passwords and protect your bank account details with Anti-Phishing. Stay invisible to other users while connected to public Wi-Fi® and protect your data from being copied to unauthorized USB devices.

Retrieve Your Missing Laptop with Anti-Theft
Locate and recover your lost or stolen laptop. Use the live map to track your device and send a custom message to the finder. View all the gathered snapshots, screenshots and locations at

Stay a Safe Distance from Internet Threats
Antivirus and antispyware help you stay safe from all types of threats. The new Advanced Memory Scanner and Vulnerability Shield eliminate heavily-encrypted malware that avoids detection and exploits system vulnerabilities.

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